Same Day Donation Pick Up in Vero Beach Florida

We pick up, drop off, the same day!

Easy and simple, Vero Beach Junk Removal aims to donate everything we can and what can’t donated will be reused or recycled. We work closely with a variety of non profit organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army in Vero Beach Florida that accept clothing, furniture, building supplies, and almost any other items you can think of.

Vero Beach Junk Removal collects and sorts your unwanted items the greenest way possible to help the community without hurting the environment. What you may think is trash could be another person’s treasure.

Why do we charge for donation pickup?

Many charities offer to pick up donations – but are booked up 2-3 weeks in advance. Also, most non profit organizations that accept donations have limitations on what they will accept.

We understand that not everyone can wait the 2-3 weeks to donate to charities like Habitat For Humanity. When you use Vero Beach Junk Removal to take away unwanted items, you enjoy the benefit of a fast pick-up window that works with your schedule. Plus, we provide our customers with the confidence in knowing that what can’t be donated will be reused or recycled if possible.

Your donation pick could be free!

Depending on the items you are donating, it can be picked up free of charge upon approval from one of ours Junk Removal Professionals. Please text a photo of your items to 1-844-4NO-JUNK to see if your unwanted items qualifies for a FREE pickup.

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