Getting Ready For Fall : 5 tips to organize your home

Most of us have been stuck inside due to the pandemic and If you’re like me you may have ordered one to many things off of Amazon. Don’t fret! this article is going to over 5 great ways to declutter your house to start off the Fall season right.

If you’re ready to get fresh for fall then keep reading on! Follow these great tips for fall cleaning and decluttering to get your house fall ready for the season. 

1. Do a deep clean
Depending on where you’re from, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the fall season when it not as hot out. If you are from somewhere that gets pretty cold it may be better to get started before the colder days. Go through each room one by one and see if there are any items you no longer need. Make sure to vacuum all your carpets, rugs, and sweep thoroughly under all your furniture. If you are running out space in your closet, I recommend going through your closet and donating anything you haven’t worn in a year.

2. Clear out your storage areas
If you have a lot of items that you bring to your house seasonally, then a storage unit is your friend. Make sure to organize your storage area items to find items easily for net year and to avoid in buying duplicates of the same item you have. As you go through your items, donate or dispose of anything you have no use for.

3. Clear out your garage
If you’re like me, you probably use your garage as a storage unit. It can get cluttered quick, it’s best to go through wha you have and dispose or donate any items you are not using.
Organizing your garage can seem very tedious but I promise you it will be better in the long run. You’ll be able to find you things easier and avoid duplicate spending!

4. Do the closet swap
As fall sets in, it’s time to switch up that wardrobe from summer t-shirt and short to cozy jackets and scarfs. Go through your closet and donate anything you don’t see yourself wearing anymore or that isn’t in style. Before giving away your unwanted items, make sure you wash and dry them.

5. Get that junk out of your way
Once you have sorted through all your items. You can call local donations for a pick up like Good Will. Be sure to find out what the donation center you choose takes, as they may not take all of you items. If you want to save yourself some time, you can always hire a professional junk removal service, like Vero Beach Junk Removal. Our professional junk removal team are happy to help you get your home or business fall ready! Give us a call or book your appointment online today!

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