Choosing a Junk Removal Company in Indian River County, FL

How to find affordable Junk Removal Service near you

Junk removal in Indian River County

If you are located in the Vero Beach, Sebastian Fort Pierce, or Port St. Lucie, there are many options for junk removal companies. There are junk removal services that range from corporate companies to the guy with a truck. These services differ greatly. Some of the ways they are different from each there is pricing, insurance, and level of service. This article is going to explain the differences between junk hauling companies in Indian River County, FL.

Corporate Junk Removal Companies

There are large corporate companies that offer junk removal in Vero Beach, FL. This is the the most expensive route. They are licensed and insured and also will recycle your items responsibly. A reason why they are much more expensive is because they have to pay for heavy advertising through Google and Facebook. These multi-million dollar companies pay thousands in advertising fees and promotions.

Cheap Junk Removal Vero Beach

On the contrary, you have the guys that have a truck and are a lot cheaper. But is cheaper better? Sure you are not paying for the high priced junk removal company, but lets say someone gets hurt doing a junk removal job for you on your property. Most of the time, these guys are not licensed or insured. This means that the customer is responsible for any injuries. The same goes for any damages that occur on the job. To include, they may not dispose or recycle your items responsibly to escape paying dumping fees.

The Best Junk Removal Company in Indian River County, FL

In conclusion, large corporate junk removal companies are costly due to having to pay for lots of advertising and the cheap route can end up causing collateral damage. Vero Beach Junk Removal is right in the middle and you get “the best of both worlds”.

We are licensed & insured, have courteous & professional employees, and properly dispose and recycle all of your belongings. Our junk removal service has over 40 reviews, and is currently the highest rated locally owned junk removal company in Indian River County, FL.

If you are interested in having our company dispose of your belongings fill out the contact box below or call us at 772-480-4885.

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