Removing A Dock

Do you have a rotting dock outside your home that is an eyesore? Damaged or rotten docks can be dangerous and further deteriorate over time. Because it is on water, it is more difficult to remove.

If it is a dock that is floating on water then these are typically removed by taking the sections apart and hand carrying them out of the water, one 10 foot section at a time.

Repair and Maintance

When maintaining your dock, use a belt sander to smooth wood that has become rough. If you are cleaning it, it is best to use a hose, not a pressure washer.

If you need to make repairs to your dock it is best to wait towards the fall season to make upgrades as this is the cheapest time of the year to order parts.

Finding A Dock Removal Company

Vero Beach Junk Removal & Demolition’s professional and experienced service crew will remove all manufacturer docks, boat houses, and boat lifts.

  • Dock Removal
  • Lift Removal
  • Dock Transport
  • Lift Transport
  • Storm Damage Removal

How It Works – Dock Removal

Give us a call at 1-844-4NO-JUNK  and let us know what day and time works best for your schedule. You can even book online if that is more convenient for you and one of our professional junk removal team members will confirm your appointment.

We give a 30 minute courtsy call before we head out. At the time you requested, two Vero Beach Junk Removal & Demolition Professionals will arrive at your home to take a look at your old dock and offer you a free, no obligation estimate. We always come prepared and ready to work, with an empty truck and all the necessary tools. This way if you love the price that is presented to you, we will take care of everything right then and there for you. You can pay over the phone for no contact junk removal.

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How it Works – Step by Step Process

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