Carpet Removal in Vero Beach, FL Tips

Learn these tips to save some money on your next carpet installation by removing the old carpet yourself. This article has some great tips on how to remove carpet that will save your back and make the job easier.

Remove old carpet yourself

Changing your old carpet to something different? Removing the old stuff yourself is a smart move. Here’s how to remove carpet fast and efficiently.

Prior to tearing out carpet

Ask your installer how much would be saving if you remove the carpet on your own. The installer can also give you pointers on how to remove your old carpet. Before you begin removing your carpet, remove any doors that swing into the room, including folding closet doors. Next, clear the floor completely, removing everything from the room. Use gloves to protect your knuckles from the abrasive carpet backing and the needle-sharp tack strip. A mask is also a good idea as a lot of old dust can be trapped inside the carpet.

Getting Rid Of Old Carpet

Many junk removal companies will haul away old carpet and some cities have carpet recycling programs. Make sure to check if your city has a carpet recycling program.

How to Replace Carpet: Pull, cut and roll

Fold and cut

Fold the carpet over in order to cut and slice it into thin strips. Roll up the strips and tape them for easy disposal.

To detach the carpet from the tack strip that holds the carpet in place along walls, grab the carpet with pliers and pull from a corner. Then pull the carpet up along the entire wall. Fold back about 3 ft. of carpet and cut it into thin strips.

When you come to a “transition” where the carpet meets another section of carpet or other flooring, cut the carpet and leave the transition in place. If your metal transition is in good condition, then it can reused by the installer and can save you money. metal transition go for bout $10 per transition.

How to Remove Carpet From Stairs

When removing carpet from stairs, start at the very top. Start by cutting the carpet near the top of the top riser, grab the cut end and pull the carpet off the stairs by hand. Wear a good pair of gloves to protect your hands from the staples that hold the carpet in place. Some stairs are covered with short sections of carpet that wrap over a single tread and riser. If you find yourself pulling up one long piece, cut off sections as you go to make pulling easier. After you’ve torn off all the carpet and pad, use a set of pliers to pull out the staples.

How to Remove Carpet From Concrete Floors

On a concrete floor, the pad is glued in place, causing parts of the pad remaining stuck to the floor. To remove them, use a floor scraper. Long-handled scrapers cost about $30 and shorter versions cost about $10. Handles scarpers may have razor-sharp blades and some may have blunt blades. Both are fine to use on concrete.

How to Remove Carpet From Plywood

On a plywood, you’ll have hundreds of staples to deal with. You will need a sharp-bladed floor scraper for this. The blade will take off some staples and yank out others. Make sure to go over the entire floor so you don’t leave any behind.

Trash the tack strip?

Should you remove the tack strip? Only remove the tack strip is it rotten or rusted. Rust can stain your new carpet which would cost more money to redo the carpet. If you need to buy new tack strip, it is available at Home Depot, Lowes, ect for (about 20¢ per ft.), but you’ll save very little money, if any, by installing it yourself.

Required Tools Removing Old Carpet

Make sure prior to starting your DIY how to remove carpet you have the following tools.

  • Dust mask
  • Knee pads
  • Locking pliers
  • Pry bar
  • Safety glasses
  • Utility knife
  • Gloves
  • Floor scraper

We do Carpet/Tile/Lament Removal

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